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Aaahh, the scans are all done. Woohoo! No more IVs until next Wednesday. Double Woohoo!! Today was the fourth and final octreoscan, about an hour lying still in the machine from Monday’s picture. That was followed by an IV injection of the glucose tracer for the PET scan. We sat around for 45 minutes while that was absorbed by my tumors, then had the actual scan in the machine above. It’s the same machine I had my CT scan in yesterday. The PET scan was also about 45 minutes. Then that was it.

We’re going to take it easy this weekend, catching a Giants-Astros game tomorrow at Minute Maid Park. No plans for Sunday. Monday afternoon at 2:00 we meet with Dr. Delpassand to hear the results from all of the scans this week. I’ll post more after that meeting. Have a great weekend.

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