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Site Goes Live

Well I finally have all of the kinks ironed out and am putting this website online. The last tiny piece of the puzzle was some html code for the PayPal link on the Donate page. Thanks to Angela Merrill at The Lois Merrill Foundation for working with me to make that happen, and for very graciously accepting the donations on my behalf. And thanks to all of you for visiting…


Kittie Keahey

I made a donation..the link works :)~  I wanted to clearly disagree with one of your statements…you are not an average guy, in my book “You are one in a million”, now lets beat this thing!!!  I love you and Kathy too!  Kit


“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” by Saint Augustine….
Let’s beat this thing together, Brian and Kathy!


Please keep us up to date on fundraisers so we can help out further with all of our own respective gifts. I agree with Kittie, you are not an average guy. I will add that Kathy is not an average gal. You are a powerful team and an amazing partnership, so go kick some butt!  We are all behind you, sending love, faith and hope; to quote  – 1 Corinthians 13:13 “There are three things that will endure – faith, hope and love – and the greatest of tthese is love.”  Know you are loved.

George & Barbara

Well Brian, George and I don’t know you well, but know you mean a whole lot to Kathy, Deb, Mike, Cori and Kevin…. they are very fond of you two! So, in a way, you are extended family!  I can only say that if George and I were in the same situation I would be terrified at the prospect of losing him too. We wish you the very best and hope this treatment helps you to stick around for a long time! Our hearts go out to you both. Kathy is a very strong woman, if anyone can will you through with your God’s help, she will. Good luck and Godspeed!


Brian, Heartfelt prayer goes out to you. We are going to fight with you to beat this thing. I know you said it’s not curable but with Gods healing hands upon you, he can make miracles happen. Thank God for your beautiful wife who is strong and fights for the man she loves. Let’s go after this ugly disease full force. Thinkin of you always.
best wishes and love, Lillian


Thank you Brian, for coming out about this cancer.  I was recently diagnosed with it as well (and I have Kaiser).  I’m currently getting the monthly shot. I appreciate all that you have shared (there isn’t a whole lot to go on out there) and look forward to hearing more about these treatments you are going for in August.  I lived in Morgan Hill many years and now live in San Jose.  Thank you for the link to The Lois Merrill Foundation.  I felt so alone.

Debbie M.

Brian & Kathy — know that my positive thoughts are with both of you!  The paypal link worked, my donation sent onto you.

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