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Ready to Head Home

I had my final post-scan today, and we got our hotel room swept with the geiger counter. Everything is a go for us to return home tomorrow. Kathy and I are both anxious to get on that plane and get back to Gilroy.

The therapy on Wednesday went pretty well. I had the expected pain, flushing and overall discomfort with the amino acid drip. The radiation infusion went off without a hitch. It only took three sticks to get two IVs started, which is a great batting average with my arms.

Yesterday I felt better than I did immediately following my first two treatments. Today, not so much. I’m feeling queasy, tired, weak, and dealing with lots of flushing. The supposition is that all of this is brought on by the cancer cells getting fried and thereby releasing more of the hormones and other junk that make me feel lousy. I know I will start to feel better in a couple weeks, but for now this is miserable.

I’m three quarters of the way done with PRRT. There’s no question that all of this is more tolerable knowing that it’s having a positive impact. As I’ve stated before, however, I really look forward to getting that last treatment behind me late next month so I can really begin to recover without getting knocked back down.

I’ll be sure to post again sometime next week when I’m feeling a little better. Take care.


From The Breezeway

Isn’t it something when a “good day” means it only took 3 vena punctures to get 2 good ones?! Who’d a thunk it? I really, really feel your pain.

Looking forward to seeing your SMILING face sometime next week. YAY!!!

Have a safe trip home and don’t breath on anybody.

Salesperson of the month

I’m sorry that you have to feel so lousy to feel good. Yesterday sounded so promising. One thing for sure, you will feel lots better just being home. Travel safe. Hopefully we’ll get to see you and Kathy before Christmas.

Holiday Princess

I’m glad things are going at least as well as can be expected. I’m sorry you’re feeling so miserable. This too shall pass and by the time you feel better, you’ll be going back for your last session – yeah!

Have a safe trip home and we’ll see you when you feel up to it. All is well in the breezeway…except for our crazy neighbors.

Peter gave us the rest of the day off so we’re out of here.

Hugs to both of you.


Wishing I had some witty remark to make to bring a smile to your faces,  but used them all up at lunch with Peter the other day.  Will you settle for happy thoughts, warm wishes, good mojo?  Welcome back, may the week to come be filled with rest, restoration and good DVDs.


So glad you’re on your way home.  Have a safe trip.  Feel better real soon.
Love, Mom & Dad


So glad to read about your progress but sorry about the pain.  Being home has to make you feel better though.  Love to you and Kathy.

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