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PRRT Today

Yesterday Kathy and I took advantage of our last day with nothing scheduled and headed down to the Kemah Boardwalk. That’s a picture of Kathy looking out toward Galveston Bay at the endless line of huge container ships sailing past. We enjoyed a great seafood lunch at Landry’s. Then we went further south to Galveston. I’m standing on the beach there with the Gulf of Mexico behind me. We didn’t realize how many cool historical homes and buildings there were in Galveston. It was a fun and relaxing day.

Finally this morning, after all of the scans, tests, and preparation, I started my first round of PRRT. There’s a picture of my recliner where everything was administered and a look at my view out the window. They started the amino acid drip first, which is administered to protect my kidneys. That caused an immediate flushing episode that was pretty uncomfortable, and caused intermittent flushing over the next four hours. 30 minutes later they started the PRRT drip, which only lasted 30 minutes. That was completely uneventful and had no noticeable side effects. When the PRRT was done, they did a scan.

Every hour or so I got a dose of anti-nausea meds because the amino acids were also making me queasy. That’s fairly common. After a couple more hours I had another scan, and the tech said she could see that the uptake of lutetium into my tumors was good. So the drug has been delivered and now we need to hope and pray those little radioactive isotopes get in there and toast my cancer cells.

We’re back at the hotel now and I’m feeling relieved, fatigued, and a little uncomfortable all over. I’m really happy that Kathy is here to help take care of me. Things are a little crazy because we have to stay in separate beds, use separate bathrooms, not come near each other and she can’t come into contact with anything that I’ve worn or handled. Friday they’ll send a tech to the hotel room to scan everything for radiation. Anything that’s “hot” will have to be bagged up, packed away, taken home with us and left to “cool off” for a prescribed period of time. Fun.

Tomorrow and Friday I’m confined to the room since I can’t be around anyone else, but I do go in for a follow-up scan each morning. These scans won’t measure the success of the therapy per se, just the radiation uptake and to make sure that my kidneys are eliminating the excess radiation. We’ll only know how successful this has been over time and after additional treatments.

Well, if I wasn’t tired before, I really am now after writing this. Thanks for reading and take care.



We are so glad you are through your first PRRT (PPRT?).  We hope you both have a  restful night and feel much better in the morning.  Hope you can rest and enjoy each other from AFAR!!!!!  You are always in our thoughts and  prayers.  Love, Mom & Dad

Chris F.

I’m happy to hear that today went as planned. It looks like Excel takes care in trying to make their patients as comfortable as can be during the treatment. Just know that no recliner like Excel’s is in your office. I do have a nice beach chair, though. I am so happy for you in that you were able to get this treatment. I hope and pray for you every day. Rest up! Love and hugs to you and Kathy.

Chris B., aka The Mole

The Beach Chair is in place. South County Rockery will be delivering “the sand” …compliments of your Gilroy Chamber of Commerce. It’s okay, you don’t have to thank us. As we say “Your Business is Our Business”. Or is it “Our Business is Your Business”? Or is it “Relax, Let Us  Give You the Business”… Anyway,  the care you are getting sounds phenomenal! Hang in there.Love to Nurse to Kathy.

Chris B., aka The Mole

I meant Love to Nurse Kathy!!!

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