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Doctor’s Report

Well I’m glad it’s Friday and that I had my fourth and final nuclear scan this morning, so there’s nothing more for me to do before flying back home tomorrow. I really miss my family. After this morning’s scan I drove to another office and met with the doctor to review my results.

The news is essentially this: stable disease. That’s good news because it means that there are no new tumors and nothing is growing or spreading. Not to get too technical, but the MRI report states, “Stable to slightly decreased size of bilobar hepatic lesions.” Again good news which means that my largest tumors in my liver have actually decreased in size ever so slightly. The largest of those tumors measured 4.7 x 4.3 cm before my first therapy in August, and it’s down to 4.5 x 4.2 cm as measured Tuesday, just prior to my second therapy. That’s only a modest gain but progress nonetheless. I’m very pleased that the therapy is working and really looking forward to more dramatic results after the second, third and fourth rounds.

In general I’m feeling somewhat better this time than I felt after the first round. I’m still pretty tired though. Plenty of time to rest this afternoon, then looking forward to heading home tomorrow.



I’m glad you’re feeling better this time. It’s great news that they are seeing some positive results after just one treatment – every little bit helps.

Get some rest and have a safe trip home. We’ll see you some time next week. All is well in the breezeway.

Hugs to you and Kathy.


So glad to hear that there is some improvement in your liver.  Glad you’re ready to head home tomorrow as I think Kathy is ready for a good nights sleep.  Don’t know which of you is the most tired.  We love you so much,
Mom & Dad

Mark Burleson

So glad to hear all this Brian. Progress on the tumors and feeling better is all good stuff.
Look forward to seeing you back here in sunny California.
Take care and safe trip home.


Good news Brian!  Rest well and safe travel back to CA!

The Loving Wife

So today is Wednesday and Brian is just starting to feel a LITTLE better. Guess where he is going this afternoon………WORK. Of course there is a meeting he has to go to… he says. It’s been a rough week for him this time and I always worry he will overdo it. But I do have to respect his commitment to his job! But, today being Wednesday I can at least kiss him goodbye….:)


Hi Brian,  I saw kathy in the grocery store last week and she gave me an update on your condition.  She mentioned your giger counter was going off and your ears were glowing, but other than that you were feeling perfectly horrible!  All kidding aside, I am sending good thoughts your way and hope this week brings healthy vibes to you!


Brian, Doug and I think of you often. We pray for you and trust that your progress improves. We often think of the fun times we have had water skiing and staying in Redding.
Rita and Doug

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