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Almost Done with Scans

Today was pretty easy. Just about an hour in the same scanner for the third phase of the octreoscan. The imaging plates slowly rotated around my body giving them a pretty cool 3-D picture of tracer uptake in my tumors and elsewhere.

That was followed by a CT of my abdomen, something I’ve had done dozens of times. First they had me drink a quart of contrast that they says tastes like a chocolate milkshake (lie) then they gave me an IV in the back of my hand for more contrast. That’s usually no big deal but the vein blew out so it was a little painful.

We were done in time for lunch and a leisurely drive back to Spring. I’m feeling much better being back on my regular injections. Tonight I have a special high protein, no carb diet in preparation for the PET scan tomorrow. The PET tracer is a glucose analog so they want your cells to be very hungry for that tracer when it comes along.

More tomorrow after my final scans. Thanks for stopping by.



Looks like you have a wonderful place to stay which says you have  also got wonderful friends.

I had to laugh a little when you talked about the MRI.  I am not your size but I agree that the machine screaming at you is no fun.

Thinking of you and Kathy!


Glad to hear you are feeling better.  Hope you both can relax and enjoy an evening with your very generous hosts.  Tell them thank you from your parents.  You both are in our thoughts and prayers.  Love, Mom and Dad


Week 1 done – have a good weekend.  Stay cool while watching your Giants.  Thank your gracious hosts from all of us.  Love you and Kathy so much, and so proud of you both  – and many prayers are in your cute little pocket from me to get you through next week, and then home safely soon….


So glad the last five days are behind you.  Have a great weekend and enjoy the Giants game.  We will be thinking about you both.  With our love and prayers.  Love, Mom & Dad

Jim B.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.  Happy the first phase has been completed while you “eagerly” await the next phase.  As I write this, sorry but I know the Giants score.  Ha.

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