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2 Scans Down and a Bunch to Go

We’re huddled in Houston where it was a brisk 47 degrees today, a full 60 degrees cooler than our trip in August. This time I asked for the blankets while I was in the scanner for 20 and 30 minutes at a time.

Today’s scans were a renogram, to make sure my kidneys are functioning well to flush the radiation; and a bone scan to check for mets. Over the next few days I still have an MRI, CT, and several Octreoscans which measure the uptake of the radioactive material by my tumors. It took four sticks to get my IV started today. UGH! I hate IV’s. I have a bunch of lab work tomorrow morning and I’m really hoping they can find a vein on the first try. We’ll get the results of everything when we meet with the doctor next Tuesday afternoon (the appointment got switched from Monday).

Kathy and I love the staff at Excel Diagnostics. As miserable as all of this is for me, the people there really make it okay. We get big hugs like we’re old friends and we laugh and joke our way through the day. Thank goodness for friendship and humor. Speaking of which, we had a wonderful time today meeting Candy, a kindred spirit who has been going through all of this right along with me. A pancreatic NET from SoCal, she had surgery similar to mine at Cedars nearly three years ago and started PRRT here about a year ago. Done with her therapy, Candy’s back in Houston for some follow-up scans. She has been a constant source of inspiration for me, and someone that Kathy and I have both leaned on. We get to spend more time with her tomorrow and we’ll all grab some dinner together.

Mary & Russ are great hosts and we feel right at home here. It’s great to have a place to just relax and unwind in the evening. I think if we had to stay in a hotel for two straight weeks during this I might go crazy.



Glad you have good friends for support in Tx.   Wishing you guys luck and positive results for this trip.   Keep up the good fight.   RBS


Brian and Kathy……The Blake Courtians all wish you well. We pray that your time goes quickly and you get home so we can continue our obnoxious relationship.


Brian and Kathy, sound like you have a wonderful support system and making good friends there.  Thinking of you two daily!

Peter Chic

Read your comment about 47 degree drop in temperature
Remember what I told you when you were back there in August: it’s not the temperature……….it’s the HUMIDITY !!

Mark Burleson

Hey guys. Happy Friday. Hope you are going to get out and have some big Texas fun this weekend. Take care and God bless.


We’re so glad you have a long weekend to look forward to.  Enjoy your trip to see the longhorn reindeer.  Sounds like fun.  We love you both so very much!!  Mom & Dad

Kay Stahlke

Dear Brian….We are in Basel Switzerland going in for my husband, Jim’s second PRRT treatment tomorrow. You are giving us inspiration through your journey. Seems to be an amazing treatment! Be nice if FDA would approve it in the states…..however we have enjoyed the scenery over here! Sounds like you are doing great and I think we will be there too! Good health to you! Kay and Jim from Minnesota

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