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What I’ll Miss About Texas…

I’ll miss the signs at the entrance to every building. I knew I should have packed my gun rack for the back window of the rental car.

I will truly miss our wonderful friends Mary and Russ and their sons who made us feel like family our first week here. I will also miss everyone at Excel Diagnostics who took such excellent care of me, treated Kathy and me with kindness, and who administered my therapy expertly and compassionately. This is a trying experience for everyone involved, but if you have to go through it I can’t imagine a better facility or a better group of people.

I’ll miss the other patients I met who are battling through this same ordeal. I am so hopeful for good results for each of them and wish them the very best. Our paths will likely cross again during future visits to Houston. This is a horrible circumstance to meet others in your same position, yet comforting to find gentle kindred spirits.

Today was my final scan at the medical facility. 20 minutes and I was done. The morning started with a visit to our hotel room by one of the techs who brought her gieger counter. First she scanned me (my external radiation has already dropped to a fraction of what it was two days ago.) Then I left the room and she scanned everything in my bedroom and bathroom. Apparently I followed instructions fairly well. The only things we have to take home and hold in isolation for six weeks are my clothes from the day of the procedure, a bath towel (I swear we’ll return it), and an absorbent floor pad from the bathroom. After six weeks we can wash the stuff and it will be fine. I’m supposed to keep my distance, especially from children, pregnant women, and pets until Wednesday.

I’m feeling a little more nauseated today. Apparently that’s to be expected for a couple weeks. Ugh. I’m also just wrung out, tired, and very homesick. Kathy and I both can’t wait to fly home tomorrow. I’ll still be holed-up in our bedroom when we get back, but at least it will be our own bed.

I’ll be heading back in October for my second round of therapy. That visit will only be about 5 days as I won’t have to do the entire first week of scans over again.

I’ll post more when we’re settled back at home. Take care.



Sorry you aren’t feeling well but am so glad you will be heading home tomorrow.  We are looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd if you are feeling up to it.  Next trip be sure to take that gunrack.  Derek should be with you.  The two of you would light up the place.  Like the song says, “The stars are bright, deep in the heart of Texas”.  Luv, Mom

Chris F.

Woohoo! You’re coming home. Does this mean we can throw rocks at your bedroom window if we want to say hi. (Just kidding about the rocks; we’ll sing instead). Sorry you’re not feeling so great. That will improve once you get home. See you when it’s safe. Hugs to you both.


What a journey Brian.  I will keep good thoughts going for great results and for you to feel better.  Glad this first part is over for you and Kathy!

Ray Smythe


I am happy the treatments went well and you are home now to your own house and bed. It sounds like meeting other patients gave you some inspiration and that is a good thing. My Mom used to say, ” We are Bowes and we are tough. ” So always remember that phrase as it is true. We can face any challenge thrust on us. Have a rewarding week.


Ray Smythe


I wanted to share this quote with you that I believe will give you more strength. Its author is the famous Norman Vincent Peale.

” A cyclone drives its power from a calm center, so does a person. ”

Have a rewarding day ……………

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