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Resting at Home

Not much to report, but I’m so glad to be back home and finished with PRRT. Unfortunately I feel worse this time than the previous trips. I think that after four rounds my body is just screaming, “enough already!” I’m tired and queasy and just a pleasure to be around. Thank God for Kathy and her TLC.

I head to LA in four weeks for a 2-day follow-up at Cedars-Sinai with my oncologist. Then the first week of May I’ll be returning to Houston for a couple days of follow-up scans and evaluation. As long as everything remains stable, or hopefully even shrinks a little, we’re in good shape.

I know I’ll feel much better in a week or two. I had my monthly injection of Sandostatin LAR yesterday, the first since October, which will help with my symptoms. I’m so looking forward to regaining some strength and stamina. I will keep posting with more news from the doctors as it becomes available.



Thank goodness you are now through with your four treatments.  Just know that you are going to feel better real soon.  Please know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.  We love you so much.  
Love, Mom and Dad

Uncle Jim

Sorry to read you are feeling worse.  By this time hopefully you are feeling better.  I realize it has been quite trying, but the end results will be worth all the pain and discomfort.
Uncle Jim

Carl Hawk

Continued thoughts and prayers…

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