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More Scans – Day 2

I think it was actually a little hotter today in Houston than yesterday. Incredible. I suppose you could fry an egg on the sidewalk, except I heard a report that it’s so hot all of the chickens are laying hard boiled eggs.

Today consisted of more scans on the same machine that was in yesterday’s photo. First was a renogram to check for kidney function, then a bone scan. Different blends of the same radioactive isotope were injected for the imaging. The kidney scan is done to make sure that my kidneys are functioning okay since that’s where next week’s radiation therapy will settle aside from my tumors. They need to be confident that my kidneys will be able to handle the influx of radiation and then effectively clear it from my system.

The bone scan was done to look for the possibility of bone metastases. That scan went from head to toe. Afterward it was evaluated, and then they did a follow-up scan on my abdomen to get a better picture of some areas that they wanted to look at a little more closely. Ideally the first scan would have been enough, meaning they didn’t see anything. We’ll find out the results of this scan, and all of the scans from this week when we meet with the doctor on Monday afternoon.

I also had to stop taking my injections yesterday morning since that drug can interfere with some of the imaging. It’s the first time I’ve been off of Sandostatin for years, which helps control my symptoms, and today I’m not feeling so great. Lots of flushing and discomfort, especially after eating. I get to start my injections again tomorrow evening and can stay on them until Monday, when I’ll be off of them again. Hopefully this therapy will be very successful and will help knock down my carcinoid syndrome symptoms.

Through it all, the people at Excel have been great. I’m also very fortunate to have Kathy by my side every step of the way.

Tomorrow afternoon will bring a couple rounds of octreoscans and an MRI. I’ll post more then. Take care.



JUst read your blog for today.  My IPhone has not been working.  Guess the sun flares are doing their work and interfering with my phone.  Anyway wanted you  to know that we are thinking about you and sorry to hear that you had a rough day.  Instead wish you had been with us at the Pier enjoying a 72 degree day and great ribs.  Take care and remember that we are thinking of you all the time and praying for both of you.  We love you.


Someday I will learn how to work all this new fangled “stuff”.  The annoymous blog was from your “OLD MOMBOWE”


Just wanted you to know I was think of you and Kathy and wishing you both the best.
God Bless


Loved being able to have “face time” between you and the kids! They (we) miss you guys…. It was a weird Tuesday without our family night! You looked great Buck…..such a strong man you are!! We love you sooo much! Looking forward to our next face time!! We hope you sleep well and that the next few days go easy on you!!! Thinking of you all the time!! Blen-daughter, Andre, Emma and Jacob

Chris F. (not to be confused with the Mole)

Hard boiled eggs…that’s funny. Glad your sense of humor hasn’t been zapped. I hope that your flushing and discomfort doesn’t get too bad. Lots of people are asking about you. It’s a good feeling knowing so many people care. Hugs to you and Kathy, too.


With you both every day!

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