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More Good News from Houston

Kathy and I are hanging out at Houston Hobby airport waiting for our flight home. We’ve been here since Monday for a routine visit three months after my final round of PRRT. I had several follow-up tests and exams at Excel Diagnostics including a MUGA scan, renogram, bone scan, MRI, CT, and octreoscans. I also had the gamut of lab work last week. All of the results are good. The imaging shows continued tumor death in my liver and other areas. Some areas of tumors in my lymph nodes and diaphragm are stable. There is no evidence of disease in my bones. My kidney function is normal, and there is no sign of toxicity in my kidneys from the PRRT.

A couple of the most dramatic findings are that the overall tumor bulk in my liver is down to about 25%. A few years ago as much as 40% of my liver was involved with cancerous lesions. The doctor showed us the MRI of my liver and the difference from then to now is amazing. Also great is the fact that my neuroendocrine tumor markers are all the lowest they’ve ever been. These include cga, neurokinin a, serotonin and 5HIAA. That last indicator is the one that surprised us the most because it’s what helped to diagnose me with carcinoid back in 2005. At that time my 5-HIAA level was 87. The highest that indicator has been in the last six months was 55. My test last week showed it at only 15.

The hope now is that this therapy will continue to work over the next several months to further reduce tumors, and that I can enjoy up to five years (or maybe more?) of tumor free progression. I will continue to have follow-up scans and tests on a regular basis. We still have to work out the details but I should be able to have the majority of that work done at Cedars-Sinai in LA rather that having to return to Houston.

We’re so thankful AGAIN to our wonderful friends Mary and Russ who opened their home to us this week. We feel like part of the family and really enjoy our visits with them. While we won’t miss the humidity here, we will miss the people and the great care. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to receive this therapy.



Woohoo! Take that carcinoid! Great news, Brian. Hugs to you and Kathy!


That is GREAT news!! So happy to hear the treatments are doing what they are supposed to! So glad you guys will be home soon so I can give you a hug! It’ll be your first trip back from Houston when we can actually hug you, right when you get home! 🙂 Fly safe!!


That is such amazing news!! Cannot wait to have you guys home!! Have a safe flight home!

Mark B.

Oh man. What a way to start the weekend. Celebration time! So glad things are going better than expected. Prayers that this continues on this path and for many years to come. Welcome home when you get here. Safe travels. Love.


So very happy… You are a soldier not to be wreckoned with …. and you are winning the battle. Safe travels home, then time to celebrate. Love to you and my courageous sister!


That is such wonderful news. It makes me happy that with all that you and Kathy have been through, at lease the journey was worth it.


Fantastic news! So glad to hear that the scans and tests showed what you were already feeling. Celebrate!


YAHOO Brian! Love the details of your latest trip. Great to know your treatments have been working. Your numbers are fabulous. We are continually praying for your better health. Love to you and Auntie Kathy!!

C & T

Absolutely thrilled to read this, B… continually praying for your strength and perseverance but so happy to see that past prayers have been answered.

Many alohas to you and Mom.

xo, Chris & T



My brother was just diagnosed with the same disease. I must say I am crying as I read your blogs, but it gives me comfort in knowing that there is hope. I pray that your results continue to improve. You are an inspiration to many that are fighting the same fight. Now, I need to get to some fund raising myself so my brother can get the PRRT treatments he wants. Thanks again.


Hi, I have carcinoid cancer as well. Stage 4…liver, bones, GI tract etc. Did I read your post correctly? Are they offering PRRT in Texas?


Hi Ed. Yes in 2011-2012 I received four rounds of Lu-177 PRRT at Excel Diagnostics in Houston. The cost was out of pocket about $15,000 per treatment. I’m not 100% certain that they’re still offering the same treatment but you can go to their website for more info. Best, Brian.

Toni Holden

Hi Brian. My husband has Stage 4, metastatic Neuroendocrine cancer of the abdomen. Three bowel surgeries and now on total nutritional therapy through an IV. Leaving for Houston and PRRT in 2 weeks. The TPN adds additional problems for the PRRT. Dr Wolin also our oncologist. Any issues following treatment with all of the “radioactive” precautions, air travel, etc following treatments? Your blog has been a lifesaver for us. Many thanks.


Hi Toni. As far as the post-PRRT radiation goes, I didn’t have any problems because my wife and I followed all of the guidelines very carefully. There are strict rules regarding food handling, bathroom use, bedding, clothing, trash, etc. He won’t feel well, but it’s worth taking the extra time to do everything right so you don’t have to fly home with a suitcase full of contaminated sheets. They will give him a card to carry through the airport in case a sensor goes off, but I never had that problem. I wish you and your husband all the best in Houston. -Brian

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