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Just Hanging Out in Houston

The PRRT infusion went according to plan yesterday. It made me feel sick and tired, but a little less so than the first time. The worst part is the amino acid IV. For whatever reason it really aggravates my hands and arms where the IV is and they ache horribly the whole time. Today is a little better.

I had a follow-up scan this morning, and will have another tomorrow morning. During that visit tomorrow the doctor will meet with me to discuss the results of all of these scans. I’m really looking forward to getting some definitive information about the effectiveness of this therapy.

For now I’m just hanging out at the hotel, trying to get some rest. I talked with two of the other PRRT patients this morning at the clinic. We’re all staying at the same hotel. It’s great to see and hear how others are doing, and to feed off each other’s enthusiasm about this process. I’ll post more tomorrow after meeting with the doctor.



Sorry to hear that you had a rough day yesterday.  Glad you have people to compare treatments.  I’m sure you feel less lonely having them around.  We sure have been thinking about you and Kathy too.  She said neither of you slept very well last night.  We’re so glad you second treatment is complete.  Waiting to hear the news of the scans.  With Love & Prayers,  Mom & Dad

Chris B.

DITTO – what Mom and Dad said. Hope the meeting tomorrow gives us ALL good news so everyone can sleep better!

Over and Out from The Breezeway…


Hey Brian,

Thanks for the update.  I know everyone is 100% with you. We are all on “Brian Watch” with positive thoughts and prayers.  Keep posting.  We are with you!


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