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Great News

Kathy and I just returned home from a quick 2-day trip to Southern California. I had some scans and tests at Cedars-Sinai yesterday and today, then we met with my oncologist, Dr. Wolin, late this morning. The purpose of the trip was to follow-up after completion of PRRT in Houston. The great news is that Dr. Wolin said he was very pleased with the results! The imaging showed that many of the tumors in my liver and lymph nodes have shrunk. Other tumors have remained stable, and there are no signs of new tumor development. These are very good results and prove that the PRRT was effective.

I’m so happy that this journey we first decided to undertake last May has paid dividends. It feels great to be at a stable place with my health for the time being. I’m slowing regaining my strength and energy and feel much better than I did just a few weeks ago. I return to Houston in early May for a quick follow-up visit, then back to see Dr. Wolin again in late May. The hope is that continued monitoring will indicate things are status quo for some time to come. I’ll keep having my monthly injections to help with symptom control, though a little more good news is that the dosage will be reduced so I only need one giant, uncomfortable injection monthly instead of two.

Thanks for checking in and following along. I’ll post more as there’s news to report. Take care.


Uncle Jim B

That is indeed good news.  It is great that you are regaining strength and feeling better.  You are a fighter and will enjoy lots more grand children.  Ha.
Be sure to get pleanty of rest as my feeling is the body needs time to recuperate.
Uncle Jim

Lydia Smith (Seifert)

The news is fantastic.  Love to hear this kind of news and  I am thankful that you are under the care of such a good doctor.

From Across The Breezeway



It’s really great to hear your story and your good news.  Maybe you can answer a question for me.  My wife’s oncologist has recommended PRRT but says that it’s only available in Europe.  I have tried to access the Excel Diagnostics web site but it seems to be out of service.  How can I contact them?



Hi Mike:
You can call Excel at (713) 781-6200. You should be able to access their website at  Also, you or your wife are welcome to contact me anytime at to ask any questions or get more information. I’m happy to share whatever I can. I wish you the best.

el tee

Wow, just plain WOW.  How wonderful to have positive news…the only kind you deserve in this ordeal.


Such a relief to know that the difficult decision you had to make was worth it. I can’t wait until you feel really, really good again, and have your strength back! Love you both!


WOW Brian!

  You’ve certainly been in my thoughts and prayers! I’m SO thankful that your trip to Cedars was so positive!  (happy dance) Keep the faith!! God bless you!!  🙂 Hugs!

Kari Rath

Hi Brian—your blog and memorialized “adventures” in your fight is very much appreciated. Especially since it is current 🙂 I’m on a journey to kick off research and resources for my mom and dad…where my dad has more recently been diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer/Syndrome……and just received word from his Oncologyst that he is referring him to PRRT in Basel Switzerland. Unfortunately they have yet to find the source cancer–however have determined that his liver is at a state to have need to expedite the PRRT therapy. With that said…they are in a frantic state to find out finances, options, planning etc to the treatment and suggestion from their Dr. to get in Basel. They are so very discouraged about the cost associated and finding out that Medicare and Insurance will not cover. Can you shed some light on your thoughts on pursuing in Switzerland Vs Houston…..and if perhaps you considered both? I believe the reason for his Dr to pursue Switzerland is the cost of the treatment is much cheaper…however when you factor in travel, accommodations etc…I’m wondering if it’s wise to pursue Houston’s facility as well.
Anyway–thanks so much for any additional support you can offer……as of today both of them are very discouraged, frustrated, and I’m diligently trying to help find support and “light” for them.
Much blessings to you Sir!


Hello Kari:
I’m so glad to hear that you’re helping your dad with his carcinoid battle. I considered Basel, Bad Berka and Houston for PRRT. I know patients who have gone to each, and some patients who have gone to more than one location. Not all three are the same, and certainly not all carcinoid patients are the same. There are differences in the radioactive isotope used as well as slightly different delivery methods. It’s important that you and your parents understand these differences and why your dad’s doctor might be recommending Basel over the others based on these differences. Hopefully your dad’s oncologist is a true carcinoid specialist who understands these subtleties and can guide you accordingly.
For me, there were a few determining factors. First, I didn’t relish the idea of international travel after four rounds of exhaustive procedures. A five-hour flight back to the west coast from Houston is the limit of what I can take. Fifteen hours of travel just seemed like more than I could bear. Also, the costs of travel and lodging weren’t that bad for us. We have some good friends in the Houston area so we were able to save quite a bit on hotels for some of the time there. Then there was the recommendation from my oncologist, Dr. Wolin at Cedars-Sinai, who has sent several of his patients to Houston. Again, I know a few of these people and talked to them before making my decision.
I’d be happy to discuss any of this further with you. If you’d like you can send me an e-mail to and I’ll give you my number so you can call me at your convenience. If not, that’s fine too.
Best of luck to your dad, your mom and to you!


What amazing news. So glad to hear that you are winning the battle. Love you.

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