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Great Expectations

Seven years ago when I was first diagnosed with carcinoid by an endocrinologist I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. The ensuing weeks of scans, biopsies, lab work and visits with an oncologist left me even more frightened, and saw my expectations run the gamut from “maybe this thing can be surgically removed and I’ll be cured” to “this thing is incurable and I’ll be lucky to survive five years.”

This past week Kathy and I spent two days in LA at Cedars-Sinai where I had follow-up imaging and lab work. It’s been about six months since my last round of PRRT in Houston. I was expecting results that just showed my disease is stable with no new growth. Instead Dr. Wolin and the radiologist were ecstatic to discover from the MRI that all of my tumors were still shrinking. That’s right: six months later and the PRRT is still shrinking all of the tumors in my liver, lung, diaphragm and lymph nodes. This is the best news we could have hoped for!

Now I expect to still be around for awhile, and keep up the fight against carcinoid!



Praise the Lord!! That is wonderful news about your tumors!! Wow, simply awesome and so very happy for you!! My husband was just diagnosed in Jan. and had surgery to remove it from his small intestine and we just found out that his serotin is high after his 6 month check up!! All of your good news gives us so much hope!! Thank you for all the post and information!


That is awesome news, Brian! Hope you’re feeling well!

Donna Melendez

Hi Brian,
You are such an inspiration. I have a similar story and history as you, and my husband and I are about to embark on the next journey, the PRRT treatment. We are doing a fundraiser and hoping to go to Europe mid November for treatment. If you dont mind I would like to reference your informative and inspiring site during my fundraising event.
I am anxious and excited about this treatment. I have had so many up and downs but believe this will be very successful.
Best wishes to you and your family


Hi Brian, I am considering prrt and would like to know more about it. Really worried at the minute.

Stephen from ireland


Hi Brian
Your story is inspiring. My older brother has been battling carcinoid in his liver for 8 years now. Would it be possible to speak with you on the phone about your experience with the PRRT treatment process?
Much appreciated and congratulations on your progress.


Wow your story is touching.very nice hearing the good news about your tumors. I have also been having similar symtoms to you for about 5 years. They just did a blood test and urine for it. Would love to hear any input or possibly ask u a few questions it would be greatly apperciated.

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