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Good Report

Kathy and I met with the doctor today at Excel Diagnostics and the news was good. The various scans show that my tumors are responding to the therapy, with some of them shrinking and some stable. There are no signs of new tumors. My bone scan was negative. My kidney and liver function are fine. My blood markers that indicate various levels of cancer related junk are trending in the right direction.

All of this will help to slightly soften the blow of tomorrow’s therapy, which I unfortunately know is going to make me miserable. Right now I’m just looking forward to getting this done and getting back home. Kathy, as always, has been a trooper and continues to support me and tolerate all of my nonsense. With a little radiation these next few days I’m certain to light up her life.

More to follow post-therapy…


Salesperson of the month

…light up her life – that’s good. Humor is important.

Great news for you Brian! I hope that you breeze through tomorrow. Hugs to you both.

Kathy -the wife

Baby, you always light up my life….you big goof! I love you for always! And I will be in that room next to you, freezing my a$$ off tomorrow just because I love you!

Holiday Princess

That’s really good news Brian. Hope tomorrow goes well and that you’re not too miserable. After tomorrow, you’re 3/4 done. Keep up the good fight. We can’t wait for you to light up the breezeway.

From the Breezeway...

YaHoooo!! This is indeed good news! We like good reports. Had lunch with Ciccarelli today and he is praying for you, too…(which is a lot better than him praying against you.) He’s got a direct line you know…

You and Kathy are the best team ever. Hang in there. XOXO


GREAT news!!!!   Hang on Brian….we are all with you every day!


That is great news Brian.  You are in our thoughts everyday.  I pray this next round of treatments isnt too rough on your system.


Been thinking about you all day.  Hope the treatment went well and you are not too miserable.  Also thinking about Kathy and hope she thaws out before Christmas.  Hope the next couple of days go well.  Love, Mom & Dad



Glad to hear the good news…if the radiation does “light you up” , it is Xmas and you might look great next to your outside Xmas display.

Love and Kisses

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