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Doctor Visit

We said goodbye to Mary, Russ and their sons today. We had such a great time with them that the week went by too quickly. Incredibly gracious hosts – thank you!

The meeting this afternoon with Dr. Delpassand went well. He first took my history, then discussed PRRT in general terms and explained why he felt it was a good option for someone like me because of the potential for positive results with relatively few side effects.

He then went over my various test results in detail. Everything was basically as we expected with regard to my tumors and their  locations (liver, diaphragm, lymph nodes, lung, etc.) No real surprises there. He then discussed the PET scan and said mine was negative. This is a good thing because it means my tumors are not taking in a lot of glucose and are therefore not aggressive. This is both good in general terms and also because it makes me a better candidate for positive results with the PRRT. Then Kathy asked him about the bone scan. He said that was negative as well, which means that they didn’t find any bone mets: more good news. All things considered Dr. Delpassand said I’m a good candidate for this therapy so we’re very hopeful that it will be effective.

The greatest potential for harm from this therapy is to your kidneys. To counteract that they give you amino acids to help protect your kidneys. Taking the amino acids reduces the possibility of kidney damage to just 1%. When I show up Wednesday morning they will start a 4-hour IV with those amino acids. About 30 minutes into the amino acid drip they start the actual lutetium (radioactive) drip, which will only go for about 30 minutes total. I’ll sit for 3 more hours while the amino acids keep going. They’ll do some scans during and after all of this to make sure the lutetium is being taken up by my tumors as they expect. It’s actually the amino acids that can make you nauseous, but that should pass after the first day.

This picture is of some of the Excel Diagnostics staff as we were giving them a garlic braid. Cathie, Bouchra and Susan are all great and have been very helpful. As soon as the photo-op was over they started cutting up the braid right away and were handing out garlic to everyone in the office.

Tomorrow we’re probably going to visit Johnson Space Center, and maybe head down to the coast before the big day on Wednesday. I’ll post more then. Take care.



Thanks for the update. I am so happy to hear your results are what you expected and there were no surprises. We wish you the best on Wednesday.

Happy to see you’re getting some R & R. The house you stayed in is fabulous. Your hosts said they missed you the moment you drove away – how sweet.

Take care.


Should have kinow that your gift to your wonderful staff would be garlic!!!  Great news that all of the tests were good and that going forward it looks like things should continue to be positive.  Hope tomorrow is a great day of sightseeing and enjoying a well deserved rest.  Thanks for the picture of your wonderful hosts.  What a blessing to have such good friends.  We love you and keep us posted on what you did on your “day off”.  We love you so much, Mom and Dad


What great friends!  Looks like you also have a real diag. staff.  I am sure they loved the garlic.  How could they not!

Mark D

Brian and Kathy,
That’s very heartening news from your test results, and what a blessing to be staying with friends through the initial phase.
Wanted to tell you both that the golf tournament is sold out and also that we’re expecting 180 people (at this point) for dinner. It’s an amazingly generous Gilroy/Garlic Festival community turnout.
We’re thinking of you and wishing you the best in the coming weeks.

Kathy the Wife/Caregiver

Mark, I am just so amazed. I don’t even know what to say, there have been so many generous, wonderful people involved in this adventure. How do you truly thank that many people for their generosity. I was talking with the gal here in Houston who does the scheduling at the facility about how it breaks her heart when people call who need to have this procedure and just don’t know how to get started. I gave her all of my notes from people who were helping me and told her we honestly have been blessed. I truthfully don’t pray very often but I have been lately, both for what we have received and for what I hope for Brian and I can honestly say I love him more today than I did the day we got married….even through all of this. Maybe when we get home we can talk. Thank you to everyone so much!!


Dear Brian,

I have been  practicing on my non-existent golf game in front of my house and a couple of golf balls have strayed toward your home…sorry about the holes in your outside walls and I think the second floor window needs to be replaced. Can’t wait to see your ugly mug!! PS…nice legs!!


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