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2+ Years on Clinical Trial

I’m so thrilled that I’ve been on the Pazopanib Phase II Trial at Stanford for over two years now! I know that things will likely change at some point in the future, but for the time being my tumors/mets are all within the stable range. There are no new lesions. My typical markers (Chromogranin A, Serotonin, U-5HIAA, etc.) are all somewhat elevated, but relatively unchanged and stable. Stable is good. Boring is good. Life is good. All of this with just four pills at bedtime. No side effects. No drama. I still get injected every 28 days with 40mg Sandostatin LAR for symptom control. I also visit my amazing team at Stanford every four weeks, and have MRIs & CTs every three months. I’m happy to stay this course for as long as I can!