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Fundraising Update

The “One for Brian” Golf Tournament was an overwhelming success, raising over $30,000 toward the cost of my treatments!! Kathy and I really can’t believe it, and are so grateful to everyone involved. To date we have raised an incredible $76,874.63 which puts us beyond our original fundraising goal. It’s so wonderful and yet so hard to believe that we’ve come that far in just a few months. Not having to worry about paying for this therapy is such a blessing. Again, a huge and heartfelt Thank You!

Because we’ve reached that milestone, the Pasta Dinner Fundraiser that was planned for October 8th has been postponed indefinitely. We may revisit that next year if there’s a further need. Thank you so much to everyone who already did so much planning and legwork to get that dinner organized.

I return to Houston on October 11 for my second round of PRRT on October 12. An MRI on the 11th should give us some clues as to  how successful the first round of therapy was. I will continue to keep everyone updated here as my journey unfolds.

Great Fun at Gilroy Golf Course

Last Friday was a perfect day! It was awesome to see everyone having such a wonderful time at the golf tournament and dinner. Kathy and I continue to be humbled, amazed and overwhelmed by the incredible support from the community, friends and family. Thank you so much to everyone who planned, volunteered, supported, sponsored and participated in the event.

We’ll find out some time next week just how much money was raised, but it looks like the final tally will be well over $20,000. Amazing. This is one of those “Only in Gilroy” moments that we’ll always cherish. THANK YOU!!

Glad to be Back Home

Well we’ve been in Gilroy for about a week now and it’s great to be back home. We really missed everyone and especially missed our comfy home. The trip back was uncomfortable for me but that was to be expected. It was great to be able to crawl into my own bed. Unfortunately Kathy had to stay in the guest room until Wednesday as an added precaution.

I still have abdominal discomfort and queasiness that comes and goes, but that’s getting a little better every day. My energy level is also improving. I went to work for a few hours Wednesday – Friday last week. My post-therapy symptoms are considered normal and I didn’t have any complications. I was able to get my regular monthly injection of Sandostatin LAR on Wednesday so that helps me feel a little better.

I go back to Houston for round two in October, the 11th through 15th. It will just be a 5 day trip, with an MRI on Tuesday afternoon before the Wednesday therapy, then flying back home on Saturday. Hopefully that MRI will show some tumor reduction.

Fundraising is still moving forward at an incredible pace, with just over $46,000 donated to date. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed. The first big benefit event is this Friday afternoon, a golf tournament at Gilroy Golf Course. The tournament is already sold out, but there are still seats available at the 6:00pm dinner for $25 each. If you’re interested in joining us please contact Mark Derry at I’m really looking forward to a great day spent with many friends and family members. Also please mark your calendars for another fantastic benefit event scheduled on October 8 at 6:00pm – a dinner and auction at the Portuguese Hall. Please contact Mayor Al Pinheiro for tickets and more information at

Thanks to all of you who are following along here, posting your supportive comments, sending good wishes via text, e-mail and phone, and for giving us the strength and support to keep on fighting the good fight. Take care.